As a performance poet Zigi Lowenberg has appeared at music festivals, rallies, clubs, the Left Forum, and universities from NYC to New Orleans to Oakland. Zigi’s acting credits include “The Lysistrata Project,” the “Stein-Toklas Project,” and “John Brown’s Truth.” A member of the National Writers Union, and Radical Poets Collective Zigi’s poetry is published online in “rabbit and rose,” “aaduna notes,” “Writers Resist,” and “Snapdragon.” Her poetry is included in the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. Zigi's essay “Support the Edge!” is published in a book “Creative Lives” (Workforce Development Institute, edited by Ed Murphy). Zigi and her husband Raymond Nat Turner co-lead the jazzpoetry ensemble UpSurge! which has released two recordings garnering critical acclaim. She lives in Harlem and Oakland. You can find her @ZigarinaZigi