Martin R. Stolar was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1968 after graduating from NYU
Law School and the University of Rochester. He has been in private practice since then, first with
the New York Law Commune, then as a partner in a small firm and as a solo practitioner since
1987. He specializes in criminal defense but practices in the areas of civil rights and non-profit
corporate and tax law for progressive organizations.
In conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild’s Mass Defense Committee he has
represented literally thousands of arrested protesters and demonstrators, including Black
Panthers, civil rights activists, Young Lords, anti-war activists, welfare mothers, Vieques
protesters, RNC and Occupy Wall Street activists, Black Lives Matter activists and climate
change/environmental activists.
Other notable cases include representation of the Camden 28, inmates of Attica in the
1971 rebellion, grand jury resisters, including the seminal case of Lureida Torres from the Puerto
Rican Independence movement, and post-9/11 Muslim detainees. He is counsel in the now 48
year old Handschu case which attempts to regulate the NYPD’s investigations of political and
religious activity..
He has been a member of the National Lawyers Guild since 1969, serving several times
as President of the NYC Chapter and currently as President of the Chapter’s Foundation. He has
also been a successful litigant in quashing a federal Grand Jury subpoena and in a U.S. Supreme
Court bar admission case.
He is currently representing Randy Credico in connection with the various investigations
growing out of the Trump presidential campaign, including rhe Mueller Grand Jury.