Marika Dias is a public interest lawyer who has worked in civil legal services since 2002, in a range of legal services and community organizations in Melbourne, Australia and New York City. Marika’s work has focused on providing legal services that support community organizing efforts and grass-roots community groups, in particular in struggles around housing, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. Marika currently leads a citywide tenant rights project, in which about 90 attorneys and advocates work in partnership with tenant organizers citywide, utilizing organizing, group litigation, and movement lawyering strategies to fight back against displacement and gentrification. Marika is also on the Steering Committee of the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition, a tenant-led coalition which recently won a right to counsel for NYC tenants facing eviction. Previously, Marika was the Managing Attorney at Make the Road New York, where she helped lead a team of attorneys and advocates providing legal services in support of community organizing in working class, immigrant communities. Marika is an active board member of the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, an abolitionist organization, which provides pre- and post-release services for incarcerated LGBTQ+ immigrants and organizes around prison abolition. Marika is a also a long-time member of the NYC Marxist Studies Collective.