Marija Krtolica (dance scholar, choreographer/performer, and teacher) holds Ph.D. in dance from Temple University. Previously, she has earned BFA in dance, and MA in performance studies from Tisch School of the Arts NYU, and MFA in choreography from UC Davis. Marija has been a member of IMHO since 2013. In her practice and writing, Marija brings historical, psychoanalytic and philosophical insights into a dialogue with the analysis of choreographic aesthetics, dance labor, and spectatorship. Marija’s scholarly research begins with the working-class hysteria at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris during Third Republic, and extends into the early 20th century modernism and psychoanalytically informed dance theater from the Cold War era. She is currently revising her dissertation The Embodiment of the Unconscious: Hysteria, Surrealism, and Tanztheater (2018). In spring 2019, the article “Expression and Symptom” was accepted for publication in Documenta : tijdschrift voor theater (Ghent University). At the 2019, NCSA conference Explorations in Kansas City, Marija delivered a paper examining Aby Warburg’s lecture on Pueblo Indians’ serpent ritual, and Freud’s interpretation of animal symbolism. In NYC, the Marxist Education Project (MEP) presented The Politics of the Unconscious: Hysteria, Surrealism and Avant-Garde at The New Perspectives Studio from 2017-2019At the Left Forum 2018, Marija moderated the panel Aesthetics and Politics of Embodied Expression. Her collaborative performance work with Despina Stamos and Florence Benichou, looks into the history and politics of hysteria “Displaced herstory and persistence of bodily memory,”and was selected to be shown at the Anima Mundi Festival – Visions in Venice (Itsliquid Group, October 2019). Since fall 2018, Marija participates in the meetings of Lacanian compass, where she dialogues with practitioners of psychoanalysis about the relationship between artistic work and therapy in the contemporary society. website: