Loretta Chin is an independent journalist, editor, researcher, and writer who has worked in the field of public higher education for over two decades. She worked closely with Dr. Melanie Bush on a Community Building Initiative as a special projects coordinator in the Division of Student Life at Brooklyn College. Together with Dr. Bush, she collaborated on the development of the Community Building Initiative, Arts of Democracy Project, where she coordinated a series of facilitated “BC Circles” dialogues involving the training of student facilitators and the participation of hundreds of students, staff, and faculty. She also coordinated an Asian Outreach Project to increase the participation of the Asian American/Asian community at Brooklyn College and The City University of New York (CUNY). These efforts helped to establish an Asian Studies minor at Brooklyn College and an Asian American and Asian Research Institute (AAARI) at CUNY. Loretta Chin has presented on numerous panels at the Association of American Colleges and Universities, AAARI, Brooklyn College, and other CUNY campuses. She has worked as a research/conference coordinator, writer, editor, and social media manager for many years in the Children and Youth Studies Program and Center at Brooklyn College/CUNY, which operates under a framework of a human rights perspective for children. Her written and editorial work is published in the Canarsie Courier Newspaper, the Brooklyn College Children and Youth Studies Program and Center, and AAARI/CUNY. Articles she has helped research for award winning journalist, Wayne Barrett, have appeared in major national publications.