Dr. Ellis’ career reflects her deep interest in service to the Black community in the areas of women’s and community health, public psychiatry and addiction medicine. Holds a master’s degree in Public Health Planning and Administration and psychiatric nursing prior to entering medical school.
Her alma mater is the Medical College of Pennsylvania, currently known as Drexel University. After a year on the faculty of the Medical College, the only known medical school for women in the US, she joined the Montefiore Medical Center staff at the women’s correctional facility on Riker’s Island. Four years later, she served as a member of the attending psychiatric staff at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, a hospital in the heart of the Black and Hispanic community in Yonkers. In this setting she provided a broad range of mental health services including addiction medicine in a homeless shelter, in-patient hospital service, day-treatment services, outpatient clinic services, emergency room services and nursing home consultations for the elderly. Wanting to be involved in a more urban setting, Dr. Ellis accepted a position as Medical Director for a NYC homeless shelter program for women with addictions. She remained with this program for five years before joining New York Therapeutic Communities, Inc, an alternative to incarceration program for probationers with histories of substance abuse and addictions to illicit drugs.
Dr. Ellis was a regular contributor to weekly presentations on mental health issues for the internet-based World Axxess Health Radio Show hosted by Angelina Ada at She is currently a member of both the Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc. and the Black Psychiatrists of Greater New York, and a member of the Executive Board of the New Federal Theater.
Dr. Ells currently maintains a private practice providing a range of general psychiatric services including adult, late adolescence, and addiction medicine.