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Session 4: Sunday June 30th, 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Many people know that Henry George was a wild social justice reformer of the late 19th century, whose Single Taxers marched on after his death promoting a single tax on land value at the exclusion of all other taxes. With World War I and FDR’s response to the 30s’ depression putting out the fires of many reformers, today many economists see George’s analysis timely and pertinent to our problems. This panel describes an effort initiated at the Henry George School of Economics to provide easily retrievable property tax data for every parcel of land in NYC, based on a technique developed by James Cusick, one of our panelists. Just as there once was a race to map the human genome, we believe there needs to be a similar compassionate drive to uncover the truth about who pays for what and how much, because land value is the proper source of wealth to pay for all social improvements. In this panel you will see how it is done, so that each member of the audience can go home and report back to us what they’ve learned. When we get 25% complete, we will have a final push to get 100% mapped. THEN, we will be grounded in whatever social justice campaign comes along to say, see, there, that is where the money is.


Teaches economics in the tradition of Henry George and Elinor Ostrom, both known for their stress on the economics of cooperation and a rejection of the false dichotomy of liberals vs. conservatives, left vs. right, and socialists vs. capitalists. Marty, a licensed professional environmental...

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James Cusick is an IT leader with over 30 years of experience in Software Engineering, Information Security, IT Operations, Process Engineering, and Project Management. He is currently Director of ITSM Process Management with a global information services firm. Previously James held leadership...

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Ibrahima holds a PhD in International Environmental Law from the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

He currently works as Director of Education at the Henry George School of Social Science.