the left image is of 500 mountains removed in Appalachia, the right image is of an economist subtitled saying "self effective way of organizing a society"
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Film Screening
LLC 116
Session 4: Sunday June 30th, 10:00am - 12:00pm
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My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics documents the filmmaker’s darkly humorous journey through the mind-boggling constructs of mainstream economics. Critics offer some clear-sighted alternatives to the dominating economists' beliefs and models. The film is a visually fun satire deconstructing the current orthodox version of "the dismal science". Filmed introductory economics course lectures and interviews with economists reveal the enormous rift between the economic textbook models and the filmmaker’s and other critics’ understandings of economic reality. The first part of the film explores how mainstream economics (mis)represents markets, the next is a presentation of their befuddling model of the firm, and the final section, on macroeconomics, points to some of the major issues hidden by the models: financial debt’s contribution to inequality, and the unaccounted for destruction of the natural world. Mainstream economists such as N.Gregory Mankiw, George Borts, Timothy Taylor, and Lawrence Summers are critiqued by Herman Daly, Michael Hudson, Randall Wray, Richard McIntyre, Richard and Max Wolff, Robert Pollin, Nancy Holmstrom, Richard Smith, Costas Panayotakis, Doug Henwood, John Foster, Susan Feiner, and Stephen Marglin.


Mary Filippo has been making independent, experimental films for more than thirty years. "Her thoughtful and visually captivating films concern the intersection of the personal and political"--WMM. Her last short film, “The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow,” was described by Yvonne Rainer...

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