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LLC 124
Session 3: Saturday June 29th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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As pro-corporate, pro-war Democratic candidates are painted as the most "electable" 2020 candidates; as the U.S. inches closer to potential conflict with Iran and Russia (while continuing to aide Saudi Arabia's genocide on Yemen); and as the "booming" U.S. economy continues to flourish for hedge fund managers, pharmaceutical executives, fossil fuel titans, and Silicon Valley's nerdiest, a key question must be posed: how does independent media— and the savvy viewers who depend on it—combat corporate media propaganda, and ultimately, inform the misinformed disserviced by the thinly-veiled public relations posing as real journalism? Join Status Coup Reporter Jordan Chariton, Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi, the Nation writer Aaron Mate, and Katie Halper, host of The Katie Halper Show, for a pivotal conversation about "Making America Sane Again."