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Since the end of slavery in the United States in the 19th century the question of reparation to slaves and their descendants has been a topic of conversation. The unfinished process of Reconstruction of the South left unfilled the promise of 40 Acres and a mule to Black Americans. More recently, in the 2016 presidential campaign and currently in the run up to the nomination of the Democratic Party presidential campaign the topic of reparations has surfaced yet again. While most candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination easily gave lip service to the idea of reparations and to support for H.R. 40. which promises to study reparations, Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders was initially skeptical.This panel aims to put reparations and socialism in a historical framework which clarifies current debate by exploring three discussion questions: 1) What do meaningful reparations to descendants of slavery look like? 2) How do can reparations be won and can they be achieved under capitalism? 3) Is there is socialist case for reparations for slavery?

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Key presentation by ANWO President Yejide Orunmila, laying out the conditions of African people in Africa, in the US and throughout the world and the role that the attack on Africa, the capture of African people as commodities, their stolen labor for 500 years and ongoing colonial oppression created the foundation of the capitalist system and the grave disparities between the black community and the white community in which white families generally have 22 times the wealth of African families. Discusses why Reparations must be a revolutionary demand. Multi-media presentation by Penny Hess, Chair of the African People's Solidarity Committee and author of the book, "Overturning the Culture of Violence," presenting the facts and data about the actual wealth generated for Europe and white America by the theft of the labor, culture, land and resources of African people here and around the world and how this is the basis for the white side of the disparity equation and the basis for our social wealth. Why it is in the interest of white people to pay reparations to African people as the basis for true socialism on this planet. Presentations followed brief videos on the Black Power Blueprint Projects for political and economic power in the hands of the African working class communities.