Black Liberation

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The legendary Black Panther & National Welfare Rights Activist Rev Annie (Rogers) Chambers sits down with Diane Pagen of Basic Income Action and Basic Income NYC to discuss how a Universal Basic Income Guarantee would affect the Welfare Recipient Community and change the broader landscape of what it means to have welfare in the USA. Now 77 years old and a Public Housing HUD RAB Delegate, Annie Chambers is working to revitalize National Welfare Rights across the country as it seeks to empower the poor & working class while working with organizations such as the Poor People's Campaign. Diane Pagen is nationally known for her research into waste and abuse in the welfare system as well as being a practicing social worker. Ian Schlakman, a co-founder of Basic Income Action and organizer with the newly revived National Welfare Rights will moderate the conversation as we identify the historic conflicts between the Basic Income community and the Welfare Advocates and how the two communities can move forward to advance the agenda of the poor and working class. Topics will include historical accounts about the organizing style of National Welfare Rights including protests in welfare offices and direct confrontation with anti-poor elitist politicians, the Johnnie Tillmon Method of Organizing and then move to the modern struggle of National Welfare Rights advocating for a Basic Income within their important role in the Poor People's march on Washington last year. Visuals of historic National Welfare Rights moments will be presented along with infographics about our current welfare programs. Q&A with the audience will follow the main discussion.

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The Movement4Mumia has been quite busy of late. Our movement has lasted for 37 years. No other grassroots group or movement has lasted this long. We are on the verge of obtaining Mumia's freedom, at long last. Mumia Abu-Jamal has been in prison wrongfully for 37 years and counting. Now that the current DA Larry Krasner has agreed to halt his appeal of the correct ruling by Common Pleas Judge Leon Tucker, that granted Abu-Jamal the right to appeal the numerous constitutional violations, which led to his conviction, the case can move forward. The Campaign seeks to show the film that highlights some of those violations and corruption by the local police, prosecution and judge that sent him to prison for a crime he obviously did not commit. The film "Justice On Trial: The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal: co produced by Dr. Johanna Fernandez gives you insight into who Mumia is and what kind if family he comes from. Juxtaposed to the forces that went through great lengths to hide the truth. The film is just over an hour. There will also be a legal update, DVDs for sale and one of Mumia's latest books on sale.

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Recent years have provided no shortage of opportunities to become outraged at the powers that dominate our world. From spiraling social inequalities within and between countries, to the rise of white nationalist xenophobia and open misogyny in the Trump White House (magnified by the rise of social media), the basis for popular rage and Left organizing is widespread. The ruling order is rapidly losing legitimacy in many places. And yet, existing Left organizations often struggle and fall short of seizing the opportunities that our times present, caught up in their own contradictions, routinized habits, and knee-jerk reactions. While there has certainly been substantial growth in some Left groups (particularly those riding the Bernie Sanders wave), others falter, remain marginalized, mired by sectarian in-fighting, or have split apart suddenly and altogether--leaving members and onlookers in shock. What is going on? Why does it so often seem that Left organizations are prone to self-destructive tendencies? What ideas, attitudes, and methods currently in practice seem to be holding back the potential of our radical movement? Our panel will seek to draw from history and from personal experience, sharing reflections on practice that might contribute to building sustainable radical culture and organization. While examining some of the problematic aspects of Left organizing and discourse, this panel will also explore how we might shed oppressive habits of thought and practice that have been inherited from the dominant society, as we work to create a world of true justice, solidarity, equality, and human flourishing. A. Shahid Stover, "Bad Faith, Leftist Defeatism and the Imperial Mainstream" Linda A. Liu, "Victim Cultures and the Left" David Keil, "Problems on the Left: the need for due process and non-violent language"